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MAD CAW stands for Marketing and Advertising Data in Collaborative Analytics Web-Platform.

In a nutshell, MAD CAW is a statistical modelling platform. It is purposely designed to best suit marketing analytics professionals. It is all web-based. No installation or a powerful PC are required to use it. Just bring your data ☺.

MAD CAW was conceived in 2014. The idea of MAD CAW came after observing widespread inefficiencies present in marketing analytics space. Marketing and pricing analysts are often working in "silos" with little to no cooperation. Colleagues do not review each other's work, nor share findings, or discuss problems. At the individual level, each analyst has many scattered files across PC and network. Some files are getting lost. This practice breaks business continuity. Staff rotation wipes out previous work. Any materials that stay behind are close to impossible to "decipher" without help of their author.

Returning clients - wishing to update data, to rerun models with fresh data and to get immediate results - face the situation of work starting every time from scratch. Instead, analysis and modelling could be performed in a matter of hours and at a fraction of new project cost.

It became apparent that there could be a better way to do it. MAD CAW is designed to solve these problems and give even more solutions and tools.

After almost a year of continuous development and innovation MAD CAW is presented to the marketing analytics community.

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