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Software Development

We are experienced software developers.

We remember Basic, Turbo C, Pascal... C#... 8)

At the same time we know and use most modern tools, frameworks and languages.

After many programming languages and specialized education we became programming language agnostic. Given the choice - we select the most appropriate ones for the job. Given the constraints - we will stick to your choice.

If project is massive (as well as your budget) we can confidently outsource discrete parts and perform project management and aggregation in-house. We use Agile - so you will get what you want and can drive changes throughout the process.

We prefer: C/C++, R, PHP, JavaScript

We do not like: Ruby, Java, C#, Python

In any case documentation and support are included automatically. Source code is always provided.

Bugs and mistakes do happen (though we work on minimizing them) - they are fixed and solved free of charge.

With Data Science background we prefer to offer all-in-one solutions: From development and adjustment of methodologies - to prototyping (proof of concept) - to robust implementation - to post-implementation support.

We do charge a lot - quality is expensive.

Do not hesitate to open communication. We charge less for more challenging problems 8)

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