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Methodology Development

We are good at developing new methodologies, improving existing ones and adopting known methodologies to your needs.

We are normally working with data-related methodologies. Data can be quantitative (numbers), textual (language processing) or visual (pictures).

Typical scenario of operation:

1. Take sample data and study it.

2. Ask stakeholders which questions they want to get answers to.

3. If sample data does not have sufficient content to answer questions from (2) - advise on issues and give recommendations on data collection.

4. Formulate competing methodologies to answer questions from (2).

5. Use most appropriate tools to prototype solutions for each item from (4).

6. Evaluate solutions obtained from step (5).

7. Advice to stakeholders most appropriate course of actions with support of prototype from (6) and documentation of entire process.

If and when you budget allows we insist on getting second opinion on our work. Do not just believe us - verify our work with independent third party.

Do not hesitate to open communication. We charge less for more challenging problems 8)

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