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Welcome to the site of Stochastic Dominance Group

We call it SD Group.

SD Group is devoted to analytics, application of data science and development of social networks and state of mind targeting advertising.

We are a group of professionals. We have combined knowledge and experiences in IT, Economics, Marketing, Engineering, Data Science, Project Management, Accounting and Law. In each respective field, we have achieved proficiency and recognition.

Our motto is: IN NUMBERS WE TRUST.

We do not adjust, massage or tweak numbers, processes or principles. If it is there - we will find it, study it and report it. If not - we will find a solution together.

We are always looking for new ideas. If you have one on your mind - we want to hear it. Let's bring it to life together.

Our Story

Two data scientists created Stochastic Dominance Group Pty Ltd (aka SD Group) in the mid 2012.

After obtaining numerous Master and PhD degrees, working in business across continents and industries we came to realization that there is a number of issues in the existing application of data science in business.

We decided to stay true to messages conveyed by numbers:



Our Blog

Necessity is the mother of invention. Until yesterday we were proud of our smart infrastructure. Every site is running not on one, but on at least…

Advertising is the engine of commerce Thanks to generous support of LinkedIn we decided to try advertising with LinkedIn. Follow us on LinkedIn.…

There is nothing more permanent than temporary... ​After almost four years it is time to update (reboot) our corporate site. Old site is available…

Our Logo


It is a combination of stylized S and D.

We intentionally incorporated integral symbol as substitute for "S".

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